I just love breakfast. Years ago when I was a busy mum and a successful salon owner I wouldn't eat until lunch time. My mum used to tell me it was the most important meal of the day, which I never understood until years later. Isn't it amazing how many ‘old wives tales’ turn out to be true?

True to mum's advice it really is important to eat in the morning as it kick starts your metabolism and breaks the over night fast. More importantly, it provides fuel for the morning and can prevent overindulging and bingeing later in the day. Having breakfast also helps to balance glucose levels, providing important energy and helps to prevent dizzy spells and lethargy.

I am still not perfect at it, but during the week I will try to start my day with at least some lemon water and a fruit smoothie, fresh organic fruit or sometimes avocado on toast. On holidays or the weekends when I have more time I like to treat my family to a beautifully cooked breakfast like this one I have shared here with you - I hope you love it!

Open Toasted Plant Powered Breakfast - Essentially Health's Own Recipe!

  • Slice a butternut squash in 1cm slices, remove any seeds and place on a baking tray with a little coconut oil. Bake in an oven at 180 degrees for around 20 minutes or until cooked but not overly, you still want them to hold their shape.
  • While they are cooking, gently wilt a handful of organic spinach, kale, baby silver beet or greens of your choice. Add a little freshly crushed garlic, garlic has great anti bacterial properties so make sure to crush the garlic to release the allicin.
  • In another pan, lightly cook the sliced mushrooms - you can use brown mushrooms, button mushrooms or you could even use a field mushroom. Add to this pan a little more crushed garlic and a pinch of himalayan pink salt.
  • Toast a piece of your favourite bread or you could use a fresh wrap.
  • Smother it with a generous layer of cashew cheese or your favourite vegan cheese and keep aside.
  • When all the ingredients are ready we can start to build our vegetable stack.
  • Add a few layers of pumpkin and then add a layer of greens. 
  • Top with mushrooms and finish with a handful of sprouts.
  • Sprinkle on the top some spring onions, Nutritionist Choice Toasted Fine Cut Nori and fresh parsley.