As we learn and grow we are becoming more concerned for our health. We are careful with what we put IN our bodies and we are also becoming increasingly mindful of the products we put ON our bodies. Swapping out chemical based skin care and household products containing parabens and toxic ingredients are often the first on our list of products to go as there are some superior natural products that pack the punch in comparison to mainstream brands. But there is often one product swap that comes last because we don’t want to risk it and that is deodorant!

Why are antiperspirants bad?

To keep armpits fresh and sweat-free aluminium (often called aluminium chloride, aluminium zirconium, aluminium chlorohydrate and aluminium hydroxybromide) is the active ingredient in most mainstream deodorants. Aluminium works by preventing us from actually sweating: the aluminium ions squeeze into our sweat ducts and swell so much that sweat can no longer be released. The scary thing is that aluminium has been linked to breast cancer and also neurological disorders (such as Alzheimers) and it is a known neurotoxin. Most breast cancers begin in the upper outer part of the breast which has led research to suggest that aluminium found in the skin can actually change the estrogen receptors in breast cells and promote the growth of cancer cells.

Parabens are also a common ingredient in most deodorants used as a preservative, and even though they have not been directly linked to breast cancer, parabens have been found amongst breast cancer cells causing scientists to believe they are a carcinogen.

“Natural deodorants aren’t as good!”

After trying many different natural deodorant brands it is no wonder we get scared to try anything else and resort back to the trusty supermarket brand we have used for years.

Are the health benefits really worth the embarrassing stink of using a natural deodorant” we wonder, feeling really disappointed.

As aluminium isn’t used in natural deodorants you won’t find an antiperspirant that cuts you off from sweating completely, they are designed to allow you to sweat as nature intended but keep bacteria at bay so that nasty BO smell can’t develop! But some are better than others…

Woohoo! Body Natural Deodorant Paste

We are beyond excited to tell you that you can experience a completely all-natural deodorant that will leave you smelling AMAZING – we are so passionate about spreading the word on this important issue because no longer do you need to compromise!

Our absolute holy-grail deodorant (although many come close second) is the Woohoo Body Deodorant Paste. Woohoo Body is 100% natural with odour busting ingredients that also keep your underarms nourished and moisturised. The formula is pH balanced to be extra gentle on the skin, doesn’t sting, is incredibly gentle and comes in 100% recyclable packaging.

The formula is a paste which is applied with a little spatula contained in the box. All you need to do is apply an almond sized amount to your armpits (like it was a moisturiser) after you get out of the shower and you’ll smell fresh all day long!

Woohoo! Deodorant Paste is available in regular strength and extra strength – although both have performed extremely well for us at the gym and in humid Queensland weather!

Woohoo Body Deodorant Paste
Woohoo Natural Extra Strength Deodorant Paste


Sometimes it takes some patience for your armpits to adjust to a new deodorant but we guarantee that once you get used to it you’ll be beyond surprised – just like we were.