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Does Fat Freezing Really Work?

Fat FreezingCryotherapy and fat freezing have revolutionized treatments for unwanted fat deposits. It is a brand-new concept that helps trim unwanted fat without incisions. 

Fat freezing involves a technique that uses cold temperatures to freeze and destroy fat cells. It helps in a permanent reduction of fat. However, this process is perfect for people looking for contouring and toning of their bodies.

What is fat freezing? 

Fat freezing is a beauty treatment approved by the FDA. It is a non-invasive method that aims to freeze fat so that you can get rid of unwanted bulges like a double chin. Only minimal discomfort is involved in the process. The area treated will first feel cold and then suddenly become numb temporarily.

Things to keep in mind before you sign up for the procedure

There are certain risks involved in the process of fat freezing. There is a faint possibility of irregularities in body contouring resulting from uneven removal of the fat cells and numbness of nerves that could last for weeks. There is also a slim chance that the fat cells could come back in the future. However, if you decide to go ahead with the fat-freezing process, you must ask about all the pros and cons of the procedure before jumping into it.

Should we go for fat-freezing or liposuction?

Both procedures are used for different purposes. Fat freezing removes only a small amount of fat while liposuction removes larger amounts of fat in a single session. 

Fat freezing in Auckland is very popular for people who are not fit for surgery or do not want to face the risks of surgery. There is also a huge difference in the cost as liposuction tends to be expensive and painful. It also involves around 2 weeks of recovery time.

Where in Auckland can you do fat freezing?

There are numerous centres in Auckland for fat freezing. But Body Catalyst in Auckland, NZ is one of the leading centres for fat-freezing sessions. They are known for their revolutionary body-shaping treatments and excel in sculpting your tummies and freezing your fat.

Body Catalyst in Auckland has a team of experts including health professionals, trained nutritionists, and aesthetic experts. You can visit them for an initial consultation and speak with the experts for a customized treatment plan.


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