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Precautions to be Taken Post Orthopaedic Vet Surgery

Dog went through an Orthopaedic Vet surgery

Just like humans, dogs too undergo several types of surgeries. After any surgery, your pet will require at least a few weeks of recovery time, depending on the type of surgery, your pet’s age, and more. As a pet parent, here are a few things to follow after an orthopaedic vet surgery.

The orthopaedic vet for dogs would give you detailed instructions to be followed along with the schedule for follow up visits for your pet after surgery. All the instructions should be strictly followed. If you have issues with some of the instructions, feel free to call your vet for their guidance.

Limiting activity

Your dog’s mobility would be restricted for some time after surgery. Once the effect of anaesthesia wears off, your dog could get restless and may want to move, play and venture out as before. However, you must follow the instructions of the orthopaedic vet before indulging your dog in any activity. 

Ensure your dog does not:

  • Jump
  • Run
  • Move up and down the stairs
  • Bite, scratch, or lick the incision

Depending on the size of your pet, you may put them in a crate, playpen, or a small room to restrict their activity. Ensure they stay warm and cosy in their area. If you have other pets at home, keep them away from the recovering dog. 


Dogs tend to lick and bite the incision. It can create complications and therefore, to prevent it, your dog will be given the Elizabethan collar or another alternative such as an inflatable cone. If you are getting one yourself, get approval from your vet. The dressing bandages should be dry to prevent infection. Ensure that the collar or the bandages do not get wet.

Managing pain

Any orthopaedic vet for dogs will vouch that pain management is critical post-surgery. They may prescribe medications and antibiotics to manage pain. Ensure the medications are given as prescribed. To reduce inflammation, you may use an ice pack. But prevent wetting of the bandages by placing a dry towel on the skin, before applying the ice pack.

Avoid normalcy too soon

You and your pet may want to return to normalcy at the earliest. But avoid the temptation unless your orthopaedic vet for dogs gives a go-ahead. Follow physiotherapy or light exercises as recommended by your vet.

In case of any complication, you must reach out to the orthopaedic vet for dogs instantly.

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