2die4 Live Foods Activated Organic Brazil Nuts - 120g

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Nuts and seeds have high enzyme inhibitors and phytic acid on their outer layers which naturally protects them. When we then eat them, the phytic acid can bind with calcium, copper, magnesium and zinc and prevent them from being absorbed. In nature, when the nut or seed matures and they get wet, germination can proceed. When this happens nature takes over and naturally breaks down these enzymes so that the germination can take place and another plant will grow. 

When we soak them first, mimicking nature, this process breaks down the enzymes and the phytic acid which allows for easier digestion. The nuts and seeds swell and it also intensifies the natural bacteria and vitamins especially B vitamins.

After the soaking process is completed, the nuts and seeds are dehydrated at low temperatures to complete the process. At this stage the nuts and seeds are super crunchy, nutritional and easy to digest.

Brazil nut tree can grow to up to 50 metres high and they can live for over 500 years! Native to numerous South American countries, the nuts are a valuable export, dealing with countries from all around the world. The brazil fruit looks similar to a coconut and is heavy enough to kill a person. The nuts inside this fruit are one of the world most sought after foods in the amazon.

Brazil nuts are high in mineral and vitamins including vitamin C, E, iron, zinc and calcium. Vitamin E is essential for health and well being and is a powerful antioxidant.

  • Organic
  • Activated
  • Gluten free
  • No preservatives
  • Vegan

How to use:
Blend them for raw cake bases. Process them for raw bliss balls. Make raw chocolate and coat them in it. Ready to eat straight from the packet.

All 2die4 nuts and seeds are soaked and dehydrated at low temperatures to retain the nutrient content.

Product Ingredients

Organic Brazil Nuts, Celtic Salt, Water



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