Amazing Oils Organic Magnesium Moisturiser 100g

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Pure, organically sourced Magnesium Chloride​ (22%)​, ​carefully mixed into a natural, nourishing ​base of Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Hazelnut Oil, Apricot Oil, Vitamin E and Glycerine to revolutionise the way we care for our largest organ,the skin. Very moisturising, suitable for dry skin or those needing extra moisture.  You can also use this to spot treat certain areas of concern.

These tubs of goodness are individually hand made. 

  1. Perfect as a rich overnight facial repair treatment, or a light veil to protect & hydrate skin during the day. The active Magnesium blend balances pH levels in the skin, lightly exfoliates and detoxes dead skin cells to help minimise pigmentation and dark spots as well as reduce the appearance of fine lines. Daily use gives you healthy, glowing skin. You need less than a 5c piece worth to cover the face, neck and chest.
  2. Target general skin conditions by applying directly to the affected area. Research has shown that some skin conditions may be soothed and relieved after one single application. As well as relief, this blend may also nourish and balance the multiple dermal layers around the condition. 
  3. Boost your Magnesium levels - If you are new to this amazing supplement, this is a great place to start. Boasting 22% Magnesium and enriched with the highest quality natural oils and butters this is a way of introducing Magnesium to your system. Use daily on face, neck, chest and where skin is thin such as inner elbows, under arms and behind knees. 

Other uses:

  • For specific pain-relief or cramping use on area concerned.
  • For stress-relief use on chest.
  • For sleep use on tops of feet before bed (do not use Recovery before sleep as it increases energy).

Product Ingredients

Shea butter, coconut oil, hazlenut oil, magnesium chloride (22%), apricot oil, glycerine, vitamin E
vegan.pnggluten-free.pngCertified Organic

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