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What to do Before your Hearing Test: 4 tips

Going for regular hearing tests is an important part of caring for your ears. One should always take some time out from their busy life and visit an audiologist to ensure that no underlying or potential hearing issue can lead to permanent hearing loss. If you are diagnosed with a hearing problem, your audiologist will recommend appropriate treatment such as the use of hearing aids that will help you lead a better life. If you want to book a hearing test appointment, you can start by searching for a hearing test near me on Google. Several trusted independent audiology clinics offer affordable hearing tests in Perth. Read on to learn some helpful tips before your hearing test. 

  1. Make a list of all the medicines you are taking: Not many people know that one of the most common types of hearing loss, sensorineural hearing loss, is often triggered by certain medications. That is why it is important to list the medicines you are taking. It will help the audiologist determine the cause of your problem.
  2. List key medical events: This does not mean that you have to tell the audiologist about every fever or cold you have had in the past. However, it means you must inform your audiologist about any ear infections and major illnesses you suffered in the past to ensure that they can examine you properly and get to the root of the hearing problem. 
  3. Avoid loud noises: According to health experts, temporary exposure to loud sounds can impact your hearing ability. That is why you should avoid exposure to loud noises before your hearing test. If you go to a concert or listen to loud music before your hearing test, the results may not be accurate. 
  4. Clean your ears: Blocked ears may lead to impaired hearing. You should always clean your ears and get the ear wax removed before your hearing test to ensure the test results are accurate. 

Final Takeaway

A trained audiologist will not only diagnose and treat your hearing loss but also help you find appropriate right hearing aids that cost within your budget.

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